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Why Home Inspections Matter


Why Home Inspections Matter

Would you carelessly throw away thousands of dollars? Probably not. But many home buyers do just that every year when they choose to forego a home inspection before the purchase of their home. Having a prospective new home inspected by a certified professional is a crucial step in the home buying process. While you may feel confident about the purchase of a particular home based on its cosmetic appearance, a certified home inspector will help you understand its unseen realities. Systems such as plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling are all carefully evaluated. Kitchen appliances, foundation, fire safety, water heater and proper ventilation are among the many features an inspector will methodically check. And if the home you’re considering is newly constructed, an independent inspection will help ensure any needed repairs can be performed before the builder’s warranty expires.

At Gigley Real Estate Group, we have a list of preferred home inspectors who have earned our trust with their outstanding attention to detail. We recommend a thorough inspection before the purchase of any home because we believe it’s in the best interest of you, our valued client. We understand the purchase of your new home is probably one of the largest investments of your lifetime. Let us help you feel confident in that investment with a home inspection!

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